Stay Tuned: Neighborhood Watch…for the ocean!

By AIC guest blogger, Emma Anders, Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources Planner and Hawaii coral reef point of contact with the AIC

Credit: Anne Rosinski

Luna Kekoa with DOCARE officer and Makai Watch volunteers at the 30th Anniversary event for the Pupukea MLCD, hosted by Malama Pupukea-Waimea. Credit: Anne Rosinski

Hawaii’s Makai Watch is a collaborative program where communities, NGOs, and the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) work together to improve stewardship of marine and coastal resources.  The goal of Makai Watch is to enhance the management of coastal and nearshore marine resources by providing training for community members so they can assist the Department by conducting outreach activities and supporting enforcement of administrative rules by documenting and reporting violations.  A significant secondary benefit of the program is stronger relationships between communities and managers and improved place-based knowledge for all involved.

This innovative program is modeled after the successful Neighborhood Watch programs. In communities statewide, Makai Watch volunteers serve as the eyes and ears for the State’s Division of Conservation and Resource Enforcement (DOCARE) officials.  Volunteers also participate in awareness raising, outreach, and human-use and biological monitoring activities.

On Tuesday, November 19th (5-6pm HST) Anne Rosinski and Luna Kekoa, current and former Hawaii Coral Reef Management Fellows, will co-host a local radio show to talk about, “Many Hands Make Light Work: Hawaii’s Makai Watch Programs.” It will feature special guests Liz Foote from the Ka`anapali Makai Watch and Coral Reef Alliance and Jenny Yagodich, Director of Educational Programs  from Malama Pupukea-Waimea.  Luna now works with DLNR-DOCARE as the State Makai Watch Coordinator.  Tune in to the monthly series, All Things Marine on Hawaii’s Tomorrow 760 AM.

For folks in Hawaii, tune in on your drive home from work or listen as it streams live at A recorded podcast will also be available on the website after the show airs at