New Tools Help in Ridge-to-Reef Watershed Management

Hot of the presses from the U.S. Coral Reef Task Force are two new tools to help in effective watershed management from ridge-to-reef!

[modified from the NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program website]

Priority-Ecosystem-Indicators1) Priority Ecosystem Indicators:
The first is a series of ecological indicators and measurements to evaluate the success of existing watershed management efforts. The indicators look at coral communities, as well as sediment and water quality. Nearly all were selected from existing national-scale monitoring efforts by federal agencies.


Pages from FINAL_Programmatic_Checklist_version_2_10.22.152) Programmatic Checklist:
The second is a user-friendly checklist
that walks watershed coordinators through a series of questions to help them implement a successful ridge-to-reef watershed management plan. The checklist helps gauge support from stakeholders–including local groups and federal agencies–and documents overall progress as a ridge-to-reef watershed management plan is implemented. The checklist is meant to be completed on an annual basis to track progress.

You can download them both at