Coral Reef Info-geekiness

by Carey Morishige Martinez, Executive director, AIC Secretariat

I’m dusting off the blog-webs with what I think is a pretty cool topic: Infographics. For all the geeks out there (like me!), this one’s for you!

I’ve been seeing a sprinkling of pretty awesome coral reef infographics recently and have posted a couple to our AIC Facebook page (like us here!). I decided that I’d do a quick Google image search for them and low and behold…the mother-load!

From NOAA to Pinterest, bleaching to coastal protection, infographics help deliver useful information in an easy-to-digest and visually-appealing way. Here are a few of my favorites! (Click on them to view larger) the National Aquarium NOAA The Nature Conservancy Pew Charitable Trust one from NOAA Conservation International


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