AIC Advisors Receive Task Force Awards

The AIC would like to shout “CONGRATS!” from the rooftops to Gerry Davis and Bob Richmond, PhD, our resource management and science advisors, respectively. During today’s Business Meeting at the 32nd U.S. Coral Reef Task Force, Gerry and Bob received awards recognizing their significant contributions to coral reef science, management, and conservation throughout the years.

Gerry Davis 2014 USCRTF Award“For your outstanding leadership in management and conservation of coral reefs for over 25 years; for your dedication in advising the All Islands Coral Reef Committee; and for helping bridge science to policy and management initiatives while working among key government agencies, educational institutions, NGOs, and stakeholder groups with a focus on sustaining coral reefs and those that depend on the ecologically, economically, and culturally valuable ecosystems.”

Bob Richmond USCRTF 2014 Award“For your dedication, leadership, and passion to advancing the scientific understanding of coral reefs. Your scientific research provides insights into coral reproductive biology, ecotoxicology, coral reef ecology, and climate change impacts on corals. Your active support of community organizations, mentoring, and public outreach are building a strong scientific capacity for future generations.”

CONGRATULATIONS, again, to Gerry and Bob for receiving these awards! Thank you to the Task Force for recognizing our excellent Advisors.

Indeed, each one of our AIC Advisors are more than deserving of such recognition for their decades of work in helping conserve our nation’s coral reef ecosystems. The AIC greatly appreciates the time and energy that our Advisors give so willingly to help us all work towards this common goal.